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The following table lists the most frequently asked questions about A1Monitor

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· Where is the best place to install A1Monitor?
· Does A1Monitor have Pager Support ?
· How can you get A1Monitor to restart when windows is restarted?
· What do all the settings on the A1Monitor global program settings dialog mean?
· What do the A1Monitor Startup, SMTP Servers, and Proxy Settings tab do?
· Can I specify when my server is down, so A1Monitor will stop monitoring and not falsely send me notifications?
· My server replies with an error message or code. Can I have A1Monitor watch for that?
· What does A1Monitor do?
· Error during install related to MsiEngine
· Install error 2103.26 Internal Error
· An error occurred while downloading ...
· I run Windows NT. Problems downloading
· After I installed, it said i had an outdated comdlg32.ocx
· Can I use A1Monitor with Kazaa?
· Where is the unlock code I purchased?
· Registered users: I paid but it's saying it's about to expire or has expired. Help!
· Registered users: Problems unlocking because you got a new computer, or reformated etc.
· I've installed A1Monitor but I still get a lot of popups
· Is this software Vista Compatible?
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User Review

Edward Lohman - Vice President - Affordable Computing Enterprises, LLP

We love A1Monitor. We use it as an MSP to offer one more check for our clients. With its ability to monitor any port we want, we are able to know the status of any of our clients external pointing network devices.
Many times we have called to ask the clients about a problem they don't even know they have yet. We use it to proactively dispatch and resolve issues before clients know. We use the graphing to show their external uptimes for such things as web servers, email servers, and terminal services. The product works consistently and accurately.

Excellent product. Great value for the price. We would recommend it to anyone.

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